Our Story

‚Äč A few years ago, Raw Beverages was started to create the ideal company, one that wasn't driven solely by profit but, rather, the overall gain of its community. Every action done at Raw Beverages seeks to maximize all stakeholder value, from supporting sustainable grape growers in upstate New York to improving the health of our customers and serving our shareholders. Hundreds of prototypes later, Raw Juice was born, and we've been grinding towards our goal ever since. Buy a bottle, and together, we can Make America Grape Again!

We Add Corners
At Raw Beverages, we're serious about quality and will never compromise our values for profit. Our grapes cost 600% more than our competitors. Why? Because we use wine grapes, a tastier, richer cousin to the humble juice grape. 

This dedication to quality has proved fruitful (yes pun intended)! Raw Juice won Silver at the 2016 Florida State International Wine and Grape Juice Competition!
Whether you're a potential retailer or a curious consumer, we invite you to learn more about Raw Juice! Simply download the information packet to the right, and you can see all the sweet stuff we present to grocery buyers!

Still Thirsty?
You're in luck! There's a pretty grape TEDx Talk about the company. Just click play!
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