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Who are we?

Kevin Ge

Founder - Since August 2014

Scarsdale, New York

Kevin is passionate about producing natural, unadulterated food and beverages for consumers. Starting his business the summer before freshman year, Kevin has transformed his vision of the perfect grape juice into a successful commercial product, Raw Juice. In competitions, Raw Juice has won Silver at the Florida State International Wine and Grape Juice Competition, an equivalent of 80-90 on the Parker Scale. In addition to being a foodpreneur, Kevin is also passionate about bringing decision skills to young people and is the CFO of the Youth Advisory Council for Decision Education Foundation. In his free time, Kevin has is an avid investor, and enjoys high-octane outdoor activities

Thomas Glover

Sales Director - Andover, Massachusetts

Since February 2016

Thomas is a passionate supporter of Raw Juice and currently manages all operations in Andover Massachusetts. In his free time, he enjoys water polo and rowing and is on both teams at his boarding school.

Lucas Hornsby

Sales Director - New York City, New York

Since August 2016

Lucas is a lover of gourmet foods and enjoys spreading supporting the natural/organic food movement and currently manages all of Raw Beverages operations in New York City. In his free time, he enjoys photography and has over 70,000 Instagram followers on his account.


Your Future Job Title - Hometown, State

Since ?/??/????

Here at Raw Beverages, we full-heartedly believe in Helen Keller's quote. If you're interested in what we do and have a particular skill or penchant for getting things done, feel free to email kevin_ge@raw-beverages.com, and we'll see if there's space for you to join our team!

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Diamond Grape

The Diamond grape is a French-American hybrid variety born out of the crossing of two varietals: Concord and Iona. The more famous of the two, the Concord Grape, is best known for the many jams and jellies of which it is the main ingredient. The lesser known of the two, the Iona Grape, was first grown on Iona Island in the Hudson River. The amalgamation of the two created Diamond grapes.